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Job Openings in Our Network

Once in a few months, I collect all the openings from various startup-accelerators, VCs we are working with, portfolio companies and colleagues and publish them to my network. These jobs are usually not published anywhere - it's all about word-of-mouth and network!

We have almost 90(!) jobs open this January! (You can feel free to share this link with your network)

Remember, don't just send resumes when you see an opportunity you like.

1) If you can get a warm intro into the company - that's the best (but don't reach out to people who barely know you or never worked with you and ask for intros! You become a red flag!)

2) Try to find out who is the hiring manager. If you can't - find the recruiter and people potentially on the relevant team. Make a list of all those individuals with their respective linkedin/social/blog.

3) Go over the list you created and connect on LinkedIn and other social media to the professionals on your list. Try to comment on various posts you see from them. Its worth taking a few days to try to make a connection and get them to notice you versus reaching out completely cold.

4) Add value whenever possible - make an intro, add a smart comment, send them a reference you think they will appreciate.

5) Learn about the company and the individuals so you are well prepared with news, press, knowledge of their products/services/solutions/customers, etc.

6) Eventually, you send a very concise and clear message which, in one paragraph, shows your value, what you can do for the company and your ask (like the email examples I share in my CareerLeap course)

January 2020 Opportunities

1) FIDF: Development Associate

FIDF is looking to expand the family by adding a development associate to support San Francisco and Silicon Valley regions. Please email for additional information.

2) Ascendo: Autonomous Expert Support. (Bay Area, CA / Remote; 11 - 50 Employees)

Head of Engineering Learn More

3) Attivo Partners: Full Service Finance & Accounting Consulting Firm. (San Francisco, CA; 11 - 50 Employees)

Accounting Manager Learn More

4) BeeCanvas, Inc.: Visual Slack. (San Francisco, CA; 1 - 10 Employees)

Growth Marketing Manager Learn More

5) BreachRx: A Saas Platform That Automatically Generates Tailored Breach Response Plans In The Aftermath Of A Data Breach. We Do Not Defend Against Data Breaches; We Use A Technology-First Approach To Help Companies Recover From A Breach Event Effectively. (San Francisco, CA; 1 - 10 Employees) Chief Product Officer Learn More

6) Byte Technology: Allows Food Companies To Sell Their Products Anywhere, Using Small Unattended Stores. (San Rafael, CA; 1 - 10 Employees) Head of Product Learn More Sr. Cloud Engineer Learn More Director Finance Learn More

7) Crowdbotics: Helps Rapidly Scaling Businesses Build Production-Ready Software Faster Than Ever Before. Crowdbotics Uses A Combination Of Modular Development, Machine Learning, And A Network Of Expert Engineers To Help Both Technical And Non-Technical Team. (Remote; 11 - 50 Employees) Technical Sales Representative Learn More

8) Dcode: Technology Accelerator. (Washington, DC; 11 - 50 Employees) Partner Success Lead Learn More Accelerator Program Manager Learn More

Director Learn More

9) Digify, Inc: Document Helps Companies Protect And Track Sensitive Documents After Sending. (New York, NY, Singapore; 11 - 50 Employees) Account Executive/Manager Learn More Digify Product Marketing Senior Manager / Director Learn More Demand Generation Manager Learn More Product Marketing Manager Learn More Backend Developer Learn More Front-End Developer Learn More Account Executive Learn More Customer Success Manager Learn More Quality Assurance Engineer Learn More Marketing Manager/Director Learn More

10)Einsite: AI For Mining And Construction Productivity. (San Francisco, CA; 11 - 50 Employees) Sales Executive (SDR+AE) Learn More

11) Flivery: A Drone Delivery Solution Company. (Mountain View, CA; 1 - 10 Employees)

Partner or Co-Founder Learn More

VP of Business Development Learn More

12) Flowcast: Building An Enterprise-Grade AI Solution To Solve The $2T Financing Gap. (San Francisco, CA; 11-50 Employees) Head of Products Learn More Senior ML Engineer Learn More Software Engineer Learn More Data Engineer Learn More Data Scientist Learn More

13) Frontier Bio: Makes An Advanced 3D Bioprinter For Printing Human Tissue. The Mayo Clinic Is Using Our Machine To Print Human Blood Vessels. (Oakland, CA; 1 - 10 Employees) 

Business Development Lead Learn More

Mechatronics Engineer Learn More

14) Glidian: We're Creating A Digitized, Modern, Streamlined Process For Healthcare Providers To Submit And Track Prior Authorizations. (Redwood City, CA; 1 - 10 Employees) Lead Frontend Developer Learn More Lead Frontend Engineer Learn More

15) HPE Pathfinder Ventures: Venture Capital Firm. (Santa Clara, CA & San Jose, CA; 1 - 10 Employees) VC Investment Analyst Learn More VC Investment Principal Learn More

16) Hubly Inc.: A Medical Device Company Saving Lives Through Modernizing Bedside Surgeries. (San Francisco Bay Area, CA; 1 - 10 Employees) Co-Founder Learn More

17) KYTE: Connecting Vehicle Owners With Renters, Marketplace. (San Francisco, CA; 11 - 50 Employees) Co-Founder Learn More

Senior Software Engineer Learn More

18) Merritt Group: Public Relations And Integrated Marketing. (McLean, VA; 11 - 50 Employees) Digital Marketing Manager Learn More

19) Moesif: User-Centric API Analytics To Grow API Platforms. (San Francisco, CA; 1 - 10 Employees) Sales Development Representative (SDR) Learn More Account Executive Learn More Developer Marketing/Developer Evangelist Learn More Front End Engineer Learn More

20) NeuroSense Corp.: Edge AI Vision Processing SoC In Volume Production. (Sunnyvale, CA; 1 - 10 Employees) Marketing and Sales Manager/Director Learn More AI Vision SoC Application Engineer/Manager Learn More