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Not just information but… TRANSFORMATION

Ilana’s rare experience from the Air-Force to entrepreneurship and adventure races will challenge, inform, and inspire your team to move to higher levels of performance.

Through her tough and inspiring personal story, Ilana takes the audience on a journey that will not only be memorable and motivating but also teaches them practical skills needed for continuous personal growth and leadership.

Ilana offers bottom-line expertise with clear, realistic takeaways that can produce both short-term and life changing results.
If you want a true transformation for your audience - then reach out.

Reasons to Hire Ilana

Ilana doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’ she ‘walks the walk’. She’s been in stressful situations making life and death decisions. She has led global teams, over delivering while staying under budget. She has started and led startups where performance was key, She's pushed limits in Ironman and mountaineering. Not many individuals in the world have experience as vast as Ilana’s. So if you want someone that has been there and can take your team higher - book her today.



Ilana is a real barrier breaker. She was the first woman to become an F-16 flight instructor commander, awarded "40 Women to Watch in 2016 and Business Insider Silicon Valley" "Women of influence in 2017" and the list goes on. Ilana will open your team’s minds to what's possible leaving a lasting mark and empowering them to greatness.



Ilana combines her inspiring stories with clear takeaways creating an immediate impact on the bottom line productivity of the team, as well as, the motivation and thrive for growth of each individual.



Ilana has spoken on some of the biggest stages in the world impacting thousands of lives, as well as, given exclusive workshops to a small number of executives. So whether you are looking for a transformational keynote or a growth and leadership session for your executives, Ilana fits the bill.



Ilana’s moto is to ‘Always Know Your Audience’ and as such she will do whatever it takes to define the goals for the session and tailor the talk to be completely relevant for your needs and event. If you want a talk that will hit home, simply reach out.




It is one thing to be a leader but Ilana also empowers others to be leaders and encourages them to create change. Ilana's ability to speak to adults as well as to teenagers at eye level is rare. The way she tells her personal story without skipping the challenges and failuers, makes her more relatable as a human and her leadership more accessible. There is no greater value than in order to produce an impact.



Own Your Plan for Growth!


You want every professional within your organization to grow, keep motivated, inspired, empowered to succeed and keep pushing themselves to be the best they can be. Ilana will share her personal stories, insight from the growth of companies together with key takeaways how you must own your plan for growth as an individual, team, and organization.

What Are You Known for?


In this popular workshop Ilana helps professionals answer the question “what do you want to be known for?” and describes ways to build your reputation according to what you want to become next. Pushing individuals to aim higher in their careers and thrive to become the best version of themselves.

Innovate, Lead and Break Barriers


In this popular keynote, Ilana shares the barriers and obstacles she had to overcome as F-16 flight instructor, engineer, triathlete, mountaineer and tech entrepreneur and how those lessons can help your team work closer together, hold themselves to higher standards and push to win in business.

Most Popular Keynotes


If you want to learn about the 4-steps to Reinvent Yourself and Leap Your Career -

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