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Job Openings May 2020

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Attivo Partners: Full Service Finance & Accounting Consulting Firm that Works Exclusively with Venture Funded Startups. (San Francisco, CA; 11 - 50 Employees)

Accounting Manager Learn More

Augment: Customer Experience Management. (San Francisco, CA; 11 - 50 Employees ) Lead/Senior Front End Engineer Learn More Senior Software Engineer – Back End Learn More A Conversational Marketing Platform that Enables Intelligent Chat Between Businesses and their Customers. We Have Large Enterprise Customers on Our Chat Platform using NLP Technologies that Automate 96% Coverage of Inbound Question. (Phoenix, AZ, and San Jose, CA,; 1 - 10 Employees) Account Executive/Business Development Learn More

Bridgefy: Makes Mobile Apps Work Without Internet. (USA; 1 - 10 Employees)

Growth & Marketing Manager Learn More

Bubbles: Lets You Drop Comments on Top of Any App and Invite Your Teammates To Collaborate In-Context. It's the New Way of Working Remotely. (San Francisco, CA / Remote; 1 - 10 Employees) Senior Product Designer Learn More Full-stack engineer (React.js / Typescript / AWS Lambda) Learn More Head of Marketing Learn More

eero: The World's First Whole Home Wifi System that Delivers Hyper Fast, Super Secure Wifi to Every Room in Your Home. Upgrade Your Home Wifi Network Today. (San Francisco, CA; 51 - 200 Employees) Growth Marketing Manager Learn More

Flivery: A Labor Free And Low Infra Cost Drone Delivery Solution. (Mountain View, CA or Remote; 1 - 10 Employees) VP of Business Development Learn More All Levels of Software Engineers Learn More

FLYR In: Pricing Optimization for the Airline Industry. (San Francisco, CA; 51 - 200 Employees) Technical Product Owner, UI Learn More

Gaia Wearables (PAL): Empowers the Autism Community with Behavioral Change Wearables. (Remote; 1 - 10 Employees) Software Engineer Learn More

Jirav: Provides Financial Planning and Analysis in the Cloud that Helps Businesses Avoid Stale, Error-Prone Spreadsheets. Designed to be Completely Customizable, Jirav Lets You Track, Report, Forecast and Share the Data that Matters Most to Your Business. (Anywhere in the United States, Seattle, WA, San Francisco, CA; 11 - 50 Employees) Senior QA Engineer Learn More Senior DevOps Engineer Learn More Senior Product Manager Learn More Senior UI/User Experience Designer Learn More Senior Account Executive Learn More

Moesif: User-Centric API Analytics. (San Francisco, CA; 1 - 10 Employees) Sales Development Representative (SDR) Learn More Account Executive Learn More Head of Developer Relations Learn More Senior Front End Engineer Learn More

Mozart Data: Data Pipeline Tool. (Bay Area, CA / Zoom; 1 - 10 Employees)

Backend Engineer Learn More

NachoNacho: Offers Businesses the Ability to Consolidate and Manage All their Subscriptions (Software, Content, Education, etc.) in One Account. (United States / Remote; 1 - 10 Employees)  Full Stack/Backend Software Engineer Learn More

Onclusive: The Data Science Company for Communications. We Connect Content to Business Outcomes and Use Artificial Intelligence to Reveal which Strategies Drive Actual Brand Engagement. The Result is Thousands of High-Performance Campaigns. (Remote; 11 - 50 Employees) Sales Development Representative Learn More

OpenChannel: Helps Companies Build Their Own App Store And Ecosystem. (Remote; 11 - 50 Employees) Growth and Demand Generation Manager Learn More

PenguinSmart Inc.: Enabling Intelligent, Individualized Rehab Therapy for All. (Beijing, Taipei; 11 - 50 Employees) Marketing & Business Development Manager Learn More Sr. Software Engineer Learn More

Pico: Signups and Payments for Internet Communities. (Brooklyn, NY / Denver, CO / Remote; 1 - 10 Employees) Technical Customer Success Manager Learn More

Retail Zipline: Communications And Task Management Solution Helps Retailers Coordinate Their Brick-And-Mortar Stores And Boost Employee Engagement. (San Francisco, CA / Remote; 1 - 10 Employees) 

Marketing And Customer Success Lead Learn More Engineering Manager Learn More Senior Rails Engineer Learn More Customer Support Developer Learn More Front End Engineer Learn More Senior Product Designer Learn More Sr Backend Data Engineer Learn More Ruby on Rails Engineer Learn More

Run The World: We Enable Live Online Events That People Love Worldwide. (Remote; 1 - 10 Employees)

Account Executive Learn More

Social Glass: Software Ecosystem Powering High-Performing Governments. (San Francisco Bay Area, CA, Remote; 1 - 10 Employees) Full Stack Developer (E-commerce platforms) Learn More Backend Software Engineer (E-commerce platforms) Learn More Senior Full Stack Developer (Marketplace Expert) Learn More

ZaiNar: Locates Radio Devices (Phones, Cars, Drones, IoT, etc.) in 3D with Sub-Meter Accuracy Made Possible by Our Patented Ability to Synchronize and Distribute Network Time to Sub-Nanosecond. (Redwood City, CA; 1 - 10 Employees) Firmware Engineer Learn More Backend Software Engineer Learn More RF Systems Engineer Learn More Machine Learning Engineer Learn More Network Data Analyst Learn More Signal Processing Engineer Learn More Principal Embedded Software Engineer Learn More Senior Backend Test Automation SQA Engineer Learn More

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