Why do you do what you do?

Hi! I'm Ilana and this is my story.

I was leaping in my career continuously. Air Force → Engineer →Technical Sales → Product Manager → VP Technical Operations… When I decided to leap to entrepreneurship and start a tech company with a friend. We even raised money from investors! $800,000! I was so excited. I thought I was living the dream.

During the good-bye from my previous job I told everyone about this company-in-the-making. Little did I know that it would blow in my face.

My co-founder decided to take the money, kick me out of the business and...
I was left with...
No job,
No salary,
No startup,
No investment,
and ego down the drain.
I told everyone about this startup! What do I say now?
Then came the questions.

"What do you do, Ilana?"
"Are you looking for a job?"
"What, you don't know?"

The downhill spiral was painful!
I couldn’t sleep at night.
I couldn’t wake up in the morning…
knowing I don’t have a purpose.
What will get me excited?
What do I want to do?
Why is it so hard?
My health deteriorated.
I gained weight.
I was a mess!
I needed to reinvent myself quick!
But How???

"What do I want to do and how do I get there?"

Looking back, I can say that this was probably the hardest time in my life but only now I can admit that it’s also the best thing that happened to me:
Since then I started a tech company,
sold it, became an investor in over 80 companies, on the board and general partner of a network venture, advisor in some of the biggest accelerators in the world, award winning paid international keynote speaker, contributor in Forbes and more.

I swore that I will do everything I can to help other driven professionals figure out ‘What's next’, craft their story, build their reputation and leap to the career they want and deserve.
I’ve put together content from 25 years of my own experience together with dozens of others I’ve helped, into an 8-weeks exclusive program plus an executive mastermind that has been so transformational - it was featured on Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Forbes, NBC, CBS, ABC etc.

CareerLeap has helped dozens leap to leadership, substantially increase their salary, start a business or a side-hustle, build a reputation as thought leaders and allow them to create the impact and lifestyle they wanted for themselves and their families.
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