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Leaped into a Sr. Director role in Kaltura.

"LEAP really pushed me to get organized and focus on what I wanted next and assisted me in fine tuning my elevator pitch...
It also pushed me to build my personal brand and secure as many speaking opportunities as possible to help improve my online profile... This brought in two amazing opportunities one for VP and one for Sr. Director in a fast growing startup which I decided to take.... Ilana, you are awesome!"


From an executive in tech to start her own vegan business.

"You and the team made this happen...I am so grateful I joined! I want to tell the story of the Leap and in such uncertain times. I think it is awesome.


CareerLeap is what made this possible.... it was everything!"


Leaped from academia to leadership coach.

"Career Leap has transformed my business strategy completely and turbo-charged my progress, I cannot recommend it enough. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned and implemented is that done is better than perfect."



"I am an executive in a tech corporate. I wanted to boost my reputation."

"I've done workshops or other similar things in the past but in this case,  the results are phenomenal and fast! I started writing articles and it opened up a whole new world for me.  I get people to ping me for my expertise all the time! The Weekly meetings motivate and energize me through this process. I am thrilled with this program,it is priceless."





"I wanted to make a change, aim higher. To take a leap that is not trivial."

Career leap helped me bridge gaps, present myself more eloquently. I get honest and constructive criticism that helps me to grow. The program is very structured and it's helpful as it shows progress as you move on and  I am very pleased because I am learning how to build an infrastructure. One of the appealing aspects of this program is the amazing network that helps very much with knowledge and criticism when needed.


She leaped into tech and doubled her salary during Covid (amazing)!

"Joining Ilana's #CareerLeap program was THE BEST CHOICE I could possibly make to commit to my desirable professional future."

Leaped into Tech and Doubled Her Salary During Covid

Landed a Director role in a company she wanted.

"LEAP helped me clarify my priorities and my zone of genius, Prepare my elevator pitch. Interview and negotiation. The community was great & I wasn’t alone + The quality of LEAPers was inspiring. Many helped me (doing intros, offering dry-run interviews, sharing their executive board profile…)
Ilana, thank you for your personal passion, enthusiasm & energy, and believing in us."


Left her toxic environment in tech and started a business she loves!

"With careerleap, I figured out my zone of genius (product), what I am passionate about, and gained the CONFIDENCE to start different experiments & LEAP"


Grace left her toxic environment in Tech and started a business she loves!

Leaped from Tech Exec to Start Her Own Business in 60 Days

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