I’m Hiring an A+ Player Career Strategist & Mindset Coach

If you want a job with a ton of IMPACT, FLEXIBILITY & constant OUT OF THE BOX THINKING - than this may be it!

CareerLeap is an exclusive program and network that has been growing insanely fast and is changing careers and lives every day!

In this role you will conduct Career Coaching Sessions with super driven professionals and executives who are reinventing themselves, their reputation and their careers. You will help them unleash their full potential, gain the confidence they need, boost their reputation and

LEAP to LEADERSHIP, land dream jobs or START their own businesses.

Who am I?

I am a tech executive, entrepreneur (with exit), investor (in over 80 companies), public speaker and Forbes contributor. I turned to create LEAP and help almost 100 professionals across 3 continents do career transitions like the ones I’ve done and enable them to become the BEST VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES!

Apply If

If you’ve been in tech (or within the ecosystem), super driven, results-oriented, ambitious, and ready to talk with professionals about their strengths, career aspirations and how to take themselves forward.


If you want to be among a network of Directors, VPs, C-levels, Investors that are taking themselves to the next level.


If you want to create a real impact in people and to be part of an organization that is literally taking off fast  (tons of growth potential!)

Key skills and qualifications
  • English skills is a must

  • You must be passionate about helping others.

  • You must love to think out of the box.

  • You must have been successful at some point in your career (you are that type of A player)

  • You must be passionate about preparation, teamwork, and communication.

  • If you want to do all of this while having the life of your dreams and freedom you always wanted!!

  • You must be a positive person,

  • You must be loyal,

  • You must be likable and authentic,You must be awesome, confident and be ready to show up BIG!

  • You must like people and can easily talk to anyone

  • You have a reliable phone, internet access and can easily navigate Zoom, Excel etc.

  • You must be detail-oriented and methodical by nature but also thinking out of the box

  • Be ready to be open and honest with yourself, what is working and not working, and be willing to change and evolve.

  • You must be coachable and resourceful with ideas and solutions.

  • You must be confidential, respect privacy, and have the highest integrity.

  • You must be looking for a LONG TERM fit.


This is a lucrative, part time position which includes conducting 1-1s, top-notch client service and support to ensure results, group coaching among other activities to drive results and client satisfaction


Initially paid per hour and if successful – monthly retainer with HUGE potential for bonuses and growth!!

I do not pay for training. 

If that does not work for you, please don’t apply. 

If this sounds perfect…
If you are a serious go-getter…
Do these 3 things:

  1. Watch our webinar here & Read more about myself and our clients here

  2. Apply by filling and submitting the form

  3. Create a 2-5 minute video telling me WHY you are the BEST fit for this position. You can upload it to YouTube, mark it unlisted and send me the link. Include the video link in an email to me that summarizes your background. Attach your resume  or LinkedIn link to the email as well.


Send application or any questions to: info@ilanagolan.com

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