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Are you ready to change lives
for a living?


Hi, I'm Ilana Golan.
We help driven professionals significantly leap their reputation & careers, gaining the influence, income & impact they want. 

We are hiring an A+ Executive & Leadership Career Coach!

Want to find out if you’re a PERFECT FIT for our team? Keep reading…


We've already changed hundreds of lives in 4 continents and we are growing fast!

We are looking for a wicked smart, super driven coach who absolutely wants to work with high-caliber professionals and executives to leap their leadership, reputation, and careers.

Corporate and leadership experience is a MUST!

ABOUT YOU (who we're looking for)

  1. The idea of changing lives for a living sounds like a dream to you. You thrive on helping others break through their barriers.

  2. You have previous experience in corporate and leadership (this is a MUST). Coaching experience or at least ACC (PCC preferred) big plus.

  3. You are a smart, confident, self-driven individual, who loves adventures, and always pushing yourself higher. You are an A+ player and you've been successful in various stages of your career.

  4. You are looking for a LONG-TERM position that has a huge impact on hundreds of professionals, makes an enormous difference for the company and has lots of room to grow. If you are trying to fill your time in between gigs, or while building your own business, DO NOT APPLY!

  5. You are a good listener. You will need to understand the clients' pains, fears, and desires and motivate them to be the best version of themselves.

  6. You are a super FAST THINKER who can come up with what to write quickly and you are known to be persuasive (finding the right words easily).

  7. You are FLUENT in English and navigate the grammar extremely well.

  8. You are FUN to be around. People tend to love you and be drawn to you. You are persuasive, intelligent, vibrant with positive energy and motivate everyone around you naturally.

  9. You have absolutely no problem navigating a GROUP SESSION and helping clients with their leadership, interview or career questions on the fly within the group setting.

  10. You love BUILDING CONTENT and TRAINING, you are great about simplifying concepts and you are passionate about delivering these sessions in the group environment.

  11. You have no problem having conversations with successful individuals: Directors, VPs etc. They don't intimidate you. You understand that senior executives are also human and it doesn't scare you to hold up the mirror and help them see where they are holding themselves back. 

  12. You are COACHABLE and desire to learn and grow. You know you're a rockstar but you're able to be open and honest with yourself about what is working and not working and be willing to change and evolve. 

  13. You are DETAIL-ORIENTED and METHODICAL by nature but also able to think outside the box.  Each situation, client, and need presents its own challenges and you will need to improvise.

  14. You love the idea of doing a lot of different things to help push our clients forward and for them to get one-of-a-kind experience and results!

  15. You are excited about a challenge and you do not hide from it. You've had lots of successes in your past. (Competitive sports, military etc absolutely count) and you are known as someone who breaks barriers or makes difficult things happen (you'll need to have some proof of that).

  16. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF: you are confused about where your career is going (in this case you can get a free strategy call with our team and join Leap as a client if we can help)  OR if you are debating about starting your own executive coaching practice or seeing this as a bridge to get a bit of salary while doing your own things.


  1. This job is FULLY REMOTE, but it's important that you have a very fast, very reliable internet and phone connection (or be willing to invest in getting them). Easily navigate Zoom, LinkedIn, Excel, Google Docs etc. You must also be willing to work during normal business hours in the U.S. but there is quite some flexibility involved around days/hours for offline work.

  2. This will start as a PART-TIME role with opportunity for full time and lots of growth options, PLUS you'll get to be part of an incredible fast-growing team and change lives for a living. 

  3. Some of your responsibilities include:

    • Helping clients build their leadership skills, show up with executive presence and navigate politics in the work place if needed.

    • Helping our clients get clear on their career direction using our proprietary method

    • Helping them extract their strengths and major achievements relevant for the next role 

    • Helping guide the development of their personal branding and story for LinkedIn, about section, resume, cover letters, articles. 

    • Practice interview questions and how to introduce themselves

    • Assist in the negotiation phase if needed for their new opportunities.

  4. You will be working with our clients through a combination of virtual group and 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

  5. You have to be ready and adaptable to this fast-pace, scalable way of changing lives. We want to ensure our clients are getting an outstanding experience, so if working with a few dozens of clients in parallel on various topics scares you - this isn't the role for you.


Most importantly, you just want to be part of an amazing team, phenomenal clients, fast-growing company that is changing lives for a living!

Think You're A Fit?

Send an email to with the following:

1. In the email subject line write Executive & Leadership Coach [YOUR NAME

2. Answer the following questions

  • Why would you be great at this role and why do you want to work with Leap, Ilana, and her team?
  • Are you an A+ player?  (Give us some descriptive examples that show this)

  • Your LinkedIn profile link and a resume you created for yourself or someone else.


* *BONUS - 2 min video of you telling us why you are awesome for this role (big plus but not a must).


Looking forward to seeing your application!

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