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Ilana Golan is an entrepreneur turned tech investor and Forbes Business contributor who loves to help individuals and companies grow.
Selected top 40 women to watch in 2016 and Business Insider Silicon Valley Women of influence in 2017.
Ilana is a Board Director and General Partner at Homrun, the first of its kind network-based venture, accelerating the growth of Israeli companies in North America.
Ilana is also an award-winning international keynote speaker on Leadership, Growth and Breaking Barriers and the inventor of M.A.S.T.E.R -  the #CareerLeap technique that has been transforming thousands of lives and careers.
Speaking events include Tech Crunch Disrupt, Western Digital Leadership Conference, Wix, Cleveland Leadership Summit, Inman Connect, Skolkovo Executive MBA Program, Haifa Economic Corporation, Technion World Tour, Rambam Women who Inspire and countless others.

Ilana started her own company (acquired), grew another startup to $15M yearly revenue and was part of an exit of $300M.
Ilana started her career as an F-16 flight simulator instructor and became the first woman to become a commander and in-charge of training of all F-16 pilots in Israel in the simulator.
Ilana studied Hardware and Software Engineering in the Technion.
Ironman-finisher, World Traveler and Mountain Climber.
Always pushing the limits and Breaking Barriers.

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Featured In:

Ilana Golan is a selected Top Speaker by Consulate General Israel
Ilana Golan is invited to judge pitches at Tech Crunch Event Tel Aviv
Inman Connect writing about Ilana Golan keynote speaking at the event
Globes Business wrote an article about Ilana Golan
Ilana Golan chosen to give the Motivation and Business Keynote in Technion event Silicon Valley


Ilana talks about choosing your career focus

How well do you tell your story? 

Important Lessons for your Leadership Journey


Own Your Plan for Growth! (For Corporates)

You want every professional within your organization to grow, keep motivated, inspired, empowered to succeed and keep pushing themselves to be the best version of themselves.  Ilana is the creator of M.A.S.T.E.R  - the program that already transformed thousands of lives and helped individuals leap their careers.
Through her tough and inspiring personal stories, she takes the audience on a journey that will not only be memorable and motivating but also teach them practical skills needed to reinvent or grow their career to a whole different level.

Your Power to Reinvent Yourself and your Career - WORKSHOP

Ilana is the creator of M.A.S.T.E.R  - 60 days to career leap program which has transformed thousand of careers and lives.  

MASTER includes: 


Analyzing  your zone of genius,

Selecting your career direction through experimentation,

Target (your mission, gaps and goals),

Ecosystem (strategically broadening your network) and

Reputation .

Through her tough and inspiring personal story, Ilana takes the audience on a journey that will not only be memorable and motivating but also teach them practical skills needed to reinvent or grow their career.

Ideal for conferences for SMBs and professionals aiming to get more out of their career: Growth, Impact, Lifestyle or Pay. 

Innovate. Lead. Break Barriers.

In this popular keynote, Ilana shares the barriers and obstacles she had to overcome as F-16 flight instructor, engineer, triathlete, mountaineer and tech entrepreneur and how those lessons can help your team win in business.

Ilana is uniquely qualified in the fundamentals of Leadership, Teamwork, Experimentation, Winning Under Pressure and Overcoming Obstacles.

This highly popular leadership keynote will challenge, inform, and inspire your team to move to higher levels of performance.

Ilana offers bottom-line expertise with clear, realistic takeaway items for audiences that can produce both short-term and life changing results.

Go To Market Strategies for your Business

I have a business or product but how do I bring the audience?

I have a product. Now what? How can I get Traction? Whats the right strategy for growth? How can I tell if I have market fit? What do investors want to see and how can I get their attention?

Ilana tells her remarkable story and gives countless of concrete examples and takeaways from her companies as well as other companies in various industries.

This lecture was given dozens of times in elite business schools, entrepreneurship schools and startup accelerators - and is getting raving reviews.

Tailored Keynote

"Knowing Your Audience" is one the most important lessons Ilana talks about in her keynotes.

Now she takes it a step further and completely tailors her keynote or workshop to your needs to help you and your teams reach new peaks.

Combining her remarkable stories as an F-16 flight instructor and first woman to become a commander, engineer, entrepreneur, triathlete and mountaineer - she will create a story that is aligned with your goal, interest and time. 

Some examples of previously tailored talks: Go to market strategies and improving sales, How can corporates stay innovative, What would you do if you weren't afraid?  and many more.

Lets chat, hear your goals and see how we can exceed them together.

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Whether you need a motivational & Inspirational keynote speaker for your conference or female business speaker on leadership and personal growth I would love to be your choice.

Lets chat, hear your goals and see how we can exceed them together!

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