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Meet Ilana Golan


Meet Ilana

Ilana Golan, Engineer, Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Motivational Speaker and Business Speaker

Ilana Golan is a serial entrepreneur, investor and board member in technology startups as well as an award winning international keynote speaker.
Selected top 40 women to watch in 2016 , Business Insider Silicon Valley Women of influence in 2017 and Forbes Business Council in 2019.
Creator of Golan Ventures, the 'Bridge Of Innovation', connecting fortune 500 companies with Israeli innovation.
Ilana is also the General Partner and Board of Directors at Homrun, the first of its kind network based venture, focusing on accelerating the growth of Israeli startups in North America.

Ilana started her own company (acquired), grew another startup to $15M yearly revenue and was part of an exit of $300M.
Ilana started her career as an F-16 flight simulator instructor and became the first woman to become a commander and in-charge of training of all F-16 pilots in Israel in the simulator.
Ilana studied Hardware and Software Engineering in the Technion.
Ironman-finisher, World Traveler and Mountain Climber.
Always pushing the limits and Breaking Barriers.

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Ilana Golan is a selected Top Speaker by Consulate General Israel
Ilana Golan is invited to judge pitches at Tech Crunch Event Tel Aviv
Inman Connect writing about Ilana Golan keynote speaking at the event
Globes Business wrote an article about Ilana Golan
Ilana Golan chosen to give the Motivation and Business Keynote in Technion event Silicon Valley

Ilana shares the lessons that enabled her to Break Barriers in the Air-Force, Business and Sport

As the first female to become an F-16 Flight Instructor commander in the Israeli Air-Force, Ilana Golan is used to working in fast paced, dynamic environments where inconsistent execution can generate catastrophic results.

The same challenges are found in business: markets change, customer needs evolve and if you do not adapt quickly, your company is at risk. Ilana knows that. She's been part of startups and founded her own to success. In her motivating and engaging keynote presentations, Ilana shares her fascinating experiences operating in various challenging environments: the air-force, startups and long distance adventure races . 

Pushing the Limits became the norm

Ilana continued to break barriers from traveling solo to dozens of countries, finishing an Ironman distance triathlon and other adventure races and climbing to peaks of 20,000'. 

In her keynotes she shares lessons of perseverance, pushing the limits and overcoming extreme obstacles.

Breaking Barriers in Business

Selected as 40 top women to watch in 2016 and Business Insider Silicon Valley Women of Influence for 2017!

Ilana was the youngest engineer accepted to Intel, part of a startup with $300M exit, and later founded and ran startups to success.

She took the lessons learned in the Air-Force, Sports and Mountains into the world of business and been extremely successful in running Sales, Operations and Innovation teams. 

Ilana's entrepreneurial mindset has allowed her to lean forward, experiment and test different assumption and find the winning market fit. She has taught thousands of entrepreneurs and corporate executives the art of experimentation and leaning forward and transformed dozens of teams.

In her spare time...

Ilana loves traveling to different parts of the world with her husband and two amazing kids. 

She takes them to see how different cultures and societies live and gives them a world-view perspective.

Some of the favorite places to travel are : Nepal, Ethiopia, Morocco, Burma (Myanmar), Indonesia, Ecuador, Italy and Israel of course.

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