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Changing thousands of people's lives through a transformative workshop like no other!

"M.A.S.T.E.R #CareerLeap isn't just an online course.


If you feel stuck in your job or feel you want to do more -

This online course is for you! 

  • ReINVENT your career in 60-days: 

  • Figure out what you want to do

  • LEAP to leadership, LAND your dream-job or START a business

  • Build a REPUTATION in your field

  • Create the IMPACT, LIFESTYLE and PAY you want and deserve 

Hi! I'm Ilana and this is my story...

Changing lives and careers

The MASTER technique includes:

  • How to turn your expertise, skills & story to open any opportunity you want for yourself... even if you don't know where you are heading yet...

  • Ways to strategically build your network according to where you are heading.

  • 17 Ways to build your reputation according to what you want to be known for so that opportunities come pouring your way!

  • 7 most popular interview questions and how you should answer them

  • Starting a business & Raising money? What's inside the mind of an investor?

...And so much more...

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Ilana Golan is a selected Top Speaker by Consulate General Israel
Ilana Golan is invited to judge pitches at Tech Crunch Event Tel Aviv
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Globes Business wrote an article about Ilana Golan
Ilana Golan chosen to give the Motivation and Business Keynote in Technion event Silicon Valley

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Ilana talks about choosing your career focus

How well do you tell your story? 

Important Lessons for your Leadership Journey

Why Did I Start #CareerLeap?

Let me share my story...

A few years ago, I was working as an executive in a company when a friend approached me to start a tech company together. I was so excited! "This is like a dream", I rolled up my sleeves and jumped right in.  A few months later we raised $700,000 from investors! “This can’t be real”, I thought to myself and immediately quit my job so that I could work full-time on the startup.

Little did I know that the same day I will also be kicked out of the business.

I was left with...

No Job, No Salary, No Startup and No Investment & Ego down the drain.

I told everyone about this startup! What do I say now?

Then come the questions "What do you do, Ilana?", "Are you looking for a job?", "What, you don't know?"...

OMG, the downhill spiral!

My health deteriorated, I gained weight. I could barely get myself out of bed. I was a mess!

How could this happen to me?? I felt like a complete loser. 

I needed to reinvent myself quick! But How??? What do I want to do and how do I get there?

Looking back, I can say that this was probably the hardest time in my life but only now I can admit that its also the best thing that happened to me:

Since then I started a tech company, sold it, became an investor in over 50 companies, advisor in some of the biggest accelerators in the world, award winning paid international keynote speaker, contributor in Forbes and more.

I swore that I will do everything I can to help other driven and capable individuals figure out ‘What's next’ for them, avoid feeling stuck in their jobs and take their career leap.

I’ve put together content from my 25 years of experience together with dozens of others I’ve helped, into a 60-day online course called #CareerLeap based on a M.A.S.T.E.R technique I invented. M.A.S.T.E.R is Must-Haves, Analyze, Select, Target, Ecosystem, and Reputation. These are the foundations of every career leap.

#CareerLeap has helped dozens leap to leadership, substantially increase their salary, start a business or a side-hustle, build a reputation as thought leaders and allow them to create the impact and lifestyle they wanted for themselves and their families. 


Conclusion: You CAN Reinvent Yourself! This can be taught and will save you years. Let me show you how.