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How Driven Professionals
Reinvent Their Careers, Leap into Leadership or Start Their Own Business

(While gaining pay, reputation, impact & balance)

I'll reveal to you...

Why the old way of looking for a job or starting a business doesn't work...and how my clients are REINVENTING themselves and leaping their careers TODAY.


The method my clients use to find their next career direction and how this choice gives them the pay, reputation, impact and balance they want and deserve.


How becoming thought leaders enables my clients to make a much bigger impact AND add 6-figures or more to their income. 


How this strategy helped my clients get opportunities they didn't even think were possible and make 5-6 figure income increases in record time.


AND... how to do ALL of this while making a true impact, getting the recognition you deserve and maintaining a lifestyle you want for yourself and your family.


Ilana Golan is the founder and CEO of CareerLeap, and a well known Silicon Valley Growth Strategist. She's helped countless executives become thought leaders and build incredible businesses. 

She is also an investor, Forbes contributor and keynote speaker who loves inspiring individuals to become the best version of themselves!

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